How To Use And Dose Shine Fine Liquid Detergents

Make the most of your Shine Fine Liquid Detergent with our easy guide on dose. When it comes to effective washing and removing stains, it is important to use your shine fine liquid detergent properly. Our washing tips can help you to have that perfect clean look, smell and feeling when you take it out before washing your washing machine. But to get the most from your liquid detergent, you need to make sure that you know how to use it correctly.

How to treat prior

For tough stains, pre-treatment is the best way of great results. And with Shine Fine Liquid Detergents and Pre-Trend Cap, this cannot be simpler. Just put the detergent on the stain and using the flexible wings on the pre-treatment cap, spread the detergent to the fabric fibre deeply. You can find more information in our video.


How to wash clothes with hands

Shine fine liquid detergents can be used to wash your clothes. Pour a teaspoon of liquid detergent in a little hot water tub, insert the cloth into the water, rotate it with your hands for a few minutes, and then take your clothes in the water without other detergent water. Clean your clothes with water once or twice, then when there is no soap, and dry it for a few hours. Always do not forget to check your fabric care labels, even for the best results.

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